????????If I don’t crochet at least once a day, I feel like a total slacker.


Hey everyone! I’m Deja Jetmir, the face and designer behind Crochet Ever After.


Read on to learn a little about me.

How long you been crocheting?

From the time I learned from my great-grandmother until now — over 20 years.

Actual time crocheting (my 20s were a blur of school, work and debt, having a stash was not an option)– probably about 15.

How’d you start designing?

I got pregnant. I picked up the hook to make some stuff. I realized I liked designing rather than following a pattern, now I’ve been doing it over 7 years.

Favorite yarn?

Self striping in beautiful vibrant colors

Chroma yarn from Knit Picks, love their colors!

Chroma yarn from Knit Picks, love their colors!

Where ya from?

I spent the better part of my life in Southern California, and while I miss Disneyland and the predictable weather, I

find that moving around from place to place a more interesting adventure.

Currently I’m living with my family in the Bay Area but that will probably soon change as my husband’s military orders do.

Update: I’m not back in Southern California for at least the next year. We’ll see where the Navy takes us next.

Another Update: Time to move again. We’re heading to the East Coast. I’ve never lived anywhere but California so this should be exciting!
Where You’ll find me:

I’m on a few different websites, so whether you purchase a pattern here or there, you can guarantee that I’m there for you every step of the way.

If you find my patterns on other websites or places than the ones listed below you might have bought from someone who is selling the patterns illegally. I unfortunately can’t provide support for these illegal activities so be sure you’re buying from the list below.




You can also find a couple of my titles on iBooks.

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Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment or email me, I will be sure to get back to you super fast!

-Deja Jetmir


  1. CHRIS THOMAS-X says:



  2. I so love your Roku channel. I spent 15 years in the Navy and now disabled with MS so I am teaching myself how to crochet off of videos. Thanks for all your help and great information. You make my day.


  3. Becky Blaine says:

    Love your designs Jeta and have been on a crocheting basket binge. I just recently was “let go” :( from employment after being in the workforce for 35 years. But as life would have it, I have been able to enjoy the things I forgot I really enjoyed… crocheting being one of them. Soooo, I picked up my hook and finished many wips that were started pre-marriage, pre-children, pre-working my butt off full time for the employers profit and gain- yeah I am still a bit bitter! However, NOW I am ingtrigued by all the crochet/knit things being posted on the web and am particularly interested in designing. How did you start designing?


  4. Anna Marshall says:

    I have also been a crochter since an early age, have worked with threads and yarns if all types. I cannot use wool due to allergies. Very interested in all types of “new ” style crochet techniques.


  5. Thank you ! Your you tubes are very helpful!!! I what kind of hooks do you like to use ?


  6. Would love to get the owl basket pattern today. Just learned about it today . Would like to make it for my granddaughter,she is a owl lover. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi! I have recently purchased two of your hat patterns and they are wonderful! The tutorials included in them with all of the pictures are great! I just had one question. I am having a hard time finding the proper yarn. I know knit picks is ordered online, but I have someone wanting your mix tape beanie right away, so I don’t want to have to ship the yarn. Would it be okay to use a different weight yarn? Such as DK/light weight yarn, or fine weight yarn? Thank you!!


  8. I just finished your owl basket! I’ve never crocheted before, but your tutorials guided me thru all the stitches needed to finish this project! I’ve never seen such great tutorials!! You are an “owl-some” teacher!


  9. I nominated you for an award! You can see it here: http://skproducts.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/simply-knots-got-an-award/


  10. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking the blueberry muffins. Best wishes!!!



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